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me Miami 2011Born in Charleston S.C, raised for the most part of his life in Atlanta GA, where his art focus began. He is a self taught artist, which has learned from experimenting with paint and found material. In Marc’s words ” I have been very fortunate to learn from other artist and teachers I have crossed paths with. My paintings are about the experience of light and shadow, color and texture—the play between the seen and unseen. I am inspired by bright colors, textures and life experiences. Using different mediums in my painting, I create textures and shapes for abstracts and figurative paintings. I want my painting to be playful and sometimes tell a story that the viewer can experience and relate to at very many levels. Life is not perfect and I do project subtle imperfections in my paintings”.

Marc worked a 9:00 to 5:00 customer service job for twenty years.  His way of coping with frustrated customers was listening, and drawing pictures on how he envisioned the person and the situation.  Once the company he was working for decided they needed to close the office he worked out of, he decided it was time to  follow his passion.  From that moment 14 years ago  he  has been a full time artist.  


Rooster 2011 woo gallery“Many know me for  my rooster paintings and that is why my friends call me Roosta”.

He currently has his art work  in various galleries among Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. He has had a few of his paintings in movies.  




QuietCallings1_newHe was also involved in a theater experience called “The Quiet Callings”.  While the amazing musicians Fred Johnson and pianist Daniel Kelly  play their music on stage inspiring people , Marc is on stage placing sound on canvas, providing a visual experience.  “The Quiet Callings” world tour was launched in the Palladium Theater in St. Petersburg Florida on May 22 2012 and the second experience was in 2013 at the Tampa Bay Straz Performing Arts Theater.



In addition to painting based on his own inspirations, He has a natural ability to relate to children and allow them to express creativity and frustration through art.  He  has been teaching children how to paint based on who they are and what they enjoy for over 10 years.  Through his painting classes , he also helps adults connect with their inner child and express themselves through the art of painting. You can find Marc on The Morean Art Center in St. Petersburg schedule, at painting with a Twist (St. Petersburg) or contact Marc for private lessons.

Marc is also an Art instructor at Creative Clay. Creative Clay is a Non for Profit Studio/Art Gallery that teaches remarkable people with physical impediments such as autism and other ailments.

On this web site you can check out some of his  art work.  In addition to having his work in various galleries, he is available for  commission work as well.  If you see a painting you like, perhaps the colors are not of your preference, or would like something a little more personalized, please contact Marc and he does enjoy communicating with all art lovers!  

You can contact Marc at: mlevasseur2008@gmail.com or contact one of the galleries

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